31 Jan 2012

easy peasy envelopes

 A super-easy make that only requires some pretty or interesting paper, an envelope, a pair of scissors, a pencil and some glue.

 First carefully pull apart your envelope. It should come apart in one piece- and voila, you've got your template. 

 Lay it on top of the paper you selected and draw around it. 

 Cut out your envelope shape and fold and glue where appropriate- EASY! 

 I used an Elle magazine runway edit (spring/summer 2011- cos I'm retro like that) and then some bird wrapping paper that had been hanging around for ages. Both were the perfect thickness and texture for envelope making. I also chose a small 8.5 x 10cm envelope as a template - perfect for sending little folded notes. 

 I'm making little Valentines gifts at the moment and these envelopes would be perfect for sending them. 

 Easy, quick and pretty. And 100 times better than going out and buying them.

30 Jan 2012

on the weekend

by my bedside
swatches for blinds
gloomy Sundays = pretty candle light
banana pancakes in the making
 A damp weekend spent mostly indoors - cooking, eating, curled up in front of the fire watching DVDs and snuffling into hankies.

 There was a threat of snow which came to nothing (booooo) which upset little Edie no end. She had her hat, gloves and sledge on stand-by 24-7, she was mightily disappointed. 

 We did get out to town to finally watch The Artist though, and we LOVED it. George Valentin, I'm totally in love with your eyebrows. If you haven't seen it yet and the thought of a silent movie doesn't make you go wtf then go see it quick! I defy you not to be blown away by George's eyebrows.  

24 Jan 2012

where the heart is

Bought for me by me.
An old favourite (happy memories)
A gift from a very special lady who recently passed away
Edie's little mousie
Our settee
  Some snaps of little details around our home.  

20 Jan 2012

old things make me happy

 Some recently found beautiful old things that make my house smiley. The quilt in pic 3 especially makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. 

 I love the way that with second-hand shopping you never have to worry about things matching, they just do, as if by magic. A tea caddy from the 60's looks perfect on a 1950's tray. A miss-matched selection of dinner plates looks awesome on your kitchen table. If you choose it all and you love it all then you can pretty much bet that it'll all look great scattered around your home.

 Now we're on the look-out for record player stand/table. We've got the perfect spot for it, now we just need to get out there and find it.

19 Jan 2012

Susan in a party hat

 Susan in a party hat is one of my all time favorite watercolours. It's up in my Etsy along with a couple of other fine ladies. 

Hope you like them!

15 Jan 2012

as the sun goes down

A beautiful and somewhat eerie late afternoon walk with Lola. 

 And a cold afternoon at the beach.

 Don't you think Instagram magically captures not just a scene but somehow the essence of a moment? There's so much mood and feeling in an Instagram photo and the best thing is how easy it is to take a picture that takes your breath away. I love it, wouldn't be without it and these pics make me want to pick up my paintbrush and paint. 

 So that's clearly a good thing.

11 Jan 2012

love, peace and music

 From my etsy shop. This one holds memories of summer, festivals and good, good times. It'll always be a favorite. We haven't gotten around to hanging ours in our new house yet but as soon as we do I'll post a pic. 

10 Jan 2012

keep it simple

 Easier said than done for sure. Though these days I've realised that it's more about the state of things inside my head rather than of those outside it.

Shit, I've got all that Lego to play with, and colouring to do, and my nose needs picking...
 Look at Edie, kids can do it easy peasy. Kids and dogs, lucky things. I'm eating. I'm playingI'm running. I'm kickin' back on my settee watching a DVD. No bullshit running through their brains at a hundred miles an hour. 

 Albert Einstein said, 
'Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler'.

 But we've always got to make things more complicated than they are. I'm always doing this, making simple things as hard as possible, letting them stew and rolling them around in my head until they're a mass of bubbling complexity. 

 I said I was going to be brave this year. Now I want my mantra to be,  
Be brave, think less. 

Although I suppose that's kinda making things more complicated, damn...

5 Jan 2012

turning off the fairy lights

 Twelfth Night finally, and time at last to take down the tree. I'm usually a little sad to see it go but this year I'm more than ready to say goodbye. But poor Edie cried her heart out when I told her the pink tree in her bedroom was being put away, I didn't have the heart to ruthlessly squash it back into the box then and there so we compromised on doing it later (I have the suspicion that Edie's later is much later than mine).

Lola, in one of the rare moments today when she wasn't right up in my face. Taking the decs down = dog stress, look, she looks worried right here
My lovely friend Fiona made this for Edie.
Milk and biscuits soon perked Edie up, she's fickle like that.
 So now onwards into January and in the spirit of new things I opened my etsy shop again. Right now there's just one lonely print all alone but there are others that will follow soon.

3 Jan 2012

on being brave

 We opted for a quiet New Year's Eve at home this year. We visited family, then slipped home for Italian food, champagne, David's best-tracks-of-2011 Spotify list and Cluedo, cos that's just how badass we are these days. The quote of the night came from David just minutes after the clock struck midnight, 

'Is it my eyes or is it misty in here?'. 

 We sat there contemplating the state of his eyes vs the possibility of real, actual mist inside our living room before, slowing sucumbing to the early affects of smoke inhalation, we splutteringly realised that the wood stacked up around our wood burner was ON FIRENot the wood inside our wood burner, the wood outside it, on the hearth.
 Thankfully, our reactions had not been diminished by the champagne and the drama was over in a matter of minutes. Windows open, smoke alarm screeching, fingers burnt, lesson learnt.

 But, I'm not gonna let that wobbly start to 2012 set the precedent for the rest of the year. Hell, no. 

 I thought about making some resolutions, putting together a list of things I'd like to accomplish this year but, you know what? I don't really want to. Last year's list became defunct as early as January 5th when I injured my back and ended up on the emergency list for spinal surgery. Learning to surf was no longer a priority (tho apparently surfing is the new golf and the beaches are heaving with middle class, middle aged people every weekend. So I'm over it already).

 I've got so many things I'd like to be better at, so many flaws I'd be better off without, so many plans, ambitions and desires whirling around my head I don't know where to start. And the thing is, at the end of the day, I like myself anyway, whether I get up at 7am to cook a delicious breakfast and meditate or haul my ass outta bed at 8 and run around the house like a mad woman with no clean knickers to put on.

 So I've decided that this year I just want to be brave. I want to put myself out there more. I want to push a little at the boundaries of my safety zone. Cos that's one thing I always wish I could do. Push myself to show others the stuff that I do, the stuff that I make, the stuff that I write. Instead of being shy about it all.

 And I'm not gonna stack dry wood up around my wood burner whilst it's blazing an inferno again.

 Wish me luck. And good luck to you too. Be Brave.

2 Jan 2012

Nice to meet you, 2012!

 I like the sound of 2012. It sounds assertive and definite. 2011 was a bit of a tongue twister (metaphorically speaking as well as practically). 
Two Thousand and Twelve.
Twenty Twelve.
  What have you got in store for us 2012?     

Hope your New Year has begun in a way that makes you happy!