30 May 2011

Head scarf heaven

Hermes showing us gals just how to rock a silk scarf. Click on the image for a PDF with 20(!) scarf tying options. Me, I'm loving the Maxi Cheche, the Maxi Bag and the Pirate Fleur.


29 May 2011

Whoosh, there goes another week

Jane- a new watercolour print


This was the week that I- 
-booked treats for mum and me! Champagne on ice, fluffy robes and Indian head massage? Too right!
-bought super-pretty mugs from here to sip tea from.

- was freaky organised (sadly a rare thing) and bought gifts for Edie's 3rd birthday (April 2012)in May 2011! 

- ate out at my favorite Italian, although they denied me my favourite dish by telling me that their parmesean isn't vegetarian. Cruel. 
- organised my etsy and got motivated. Positive thoughts! 
- got complimentary tickets to the opera. No one with a heart can listen to Nessun Dorma being belted out and not get The Tingle. 
- wore sunnies with my girl in the garden.
 - had my fingers crossed for the big move... 
Hooray for a new week!

27 May 2011

Beginning takes a long time...

Found this quote over at artistmotherteacher and it really struck a chord with me. You know that feeling when you think that something is just not good enough and you feel like whacking yourself across the head with a rolled up copy of yesterday's paper? I hate that feeling, and I don't even get a paper so I'd have to borrow one. Like Ira says, 'the most important thing you can do is do a lot of work'. Stop thinking, whatever it is you want to do just get down and dirty and do it.

26 May 2011

hello world

My name is Anna.
I draw.
I have a little girl, a husband and a dog.
This is my diary. You gotta make a start somewhere.