29 Feb 2012

lists- songs that make me cry

Because sometimes having a little cry feels so good.

in no particular order

1- Goldfrapp - A&E

2- The Beatles - Blackbird

3- Joni Mitchell - River

4 - Elliott Smith - Angeles

5 - ABBA - Slipping through my fingers. 

 I don't think these songs are depressing (I left those ones off the list because, well, they were just too depressing), I just think they are sweetly, sadly, beautiful. Sob.

 Having a good old sing-a-long to one of these songs when you're in the mood can feel great. 

 Have you got any to add?


28 Feb 2012

Zig Zag

My new Zig Zag print! I'm very happy with how it turned out. It took me a while to get the perfect shade of grey but I think I nailed it. It's a slightly washed out shade but still dark enough to have some impact. Love it in the white frame! It's up on Etsy as we speak. Perhaps I could produce it in some other colours? Any suggestions?

22 Feb 2012

painting for a little girl

 It's not finished yet but I've been working on a little piece for Edie's room. She's seen it and she's very excited! I love having such her as my little cheerleader. As long as she loves it I'm happy.

21 Feb 2012

5 on the weekend

We painted our faces with black kohl and meowed and grrred about the house.

We hung a new light-shade. And it looks just fine and dandy.

We went to the theatre to watch this and cried along with almost everyone else in the audience. Such an utterly amazing play.

I painted a little. For Edie.

 We made our home that much more homely with a ton of sorting, a little tinkering and a lot of love and attention. 

Hope your week is turning into a good one too. X

15 Feb 2012

new drawings

 I've been experiment with my paper, my pen and my MacBook Pro and I'm pretty happy with the results. Pretty patterns!

14 Feb 2012


Hope you've got a lot of love in your life today, be it romantic or not. 

Hope you fall in love hard and often, with people, with places, with life. 

Hope your big loves go on and on and make you happy and whole.

Happy Valentine's Day! XXX 

8 Feb 2012

note cards

 Note cards for sale in the shop. Hope you like them.

 This week is flying by, Mondays to Fridays seem to be passing in a whirl these days. I need my Filofax and my list making more than ever to ensure that I'm not just chasing my tail all week. Two more days till the weekend, who can believe? 

 A happy all-downhill-from-here-to-the-weekend to you all! 

6 Feb 2012

on the weekend

lazy morning

good lord, banana muffins AND jam

I. Just. Want. A walk.

time out


  Another weekend flies by at the speed of light... We had snow, Edie went sledging for the first time, we did a few things around the house that needed doing, visited a little gallery/shop, cooked and baked and kept ourselves warm in front of the fire with an endless supply of tea and cwtches. 

 I had a little time to paint and draw but not enough to really sate my appetite. And Instagram is definitely my new obsession! I've just started using it as a community rather than just as a way to make and store pretty pictures but I'm a sucker for it already. My user name is goldlion_x, if you're a Instagram lover too then come say hello. 

2 Feb 2012

what I loved

  My little girl is at that age where she loves to paint huge sheets of paper with swirls and swoops of colour. It's fantastic to see her cover the paper so intently with paint, with no hesitation or self doubt. And the smell, oh the smell of poster paint makes my toes curl with it's awesomeness and reminds me of what I also loved when I was tiny. That amazing smell transports me straight back in time - whoosh.

 And so I remember that that desire to paint has been with me since I could first pick up a paintbrush. Isn't that wonderful? I'm still that same girl. 

 Because that's what makes me happy. And that's what I love. Then and now.