11 Apr 2013

party plans for Edie - part 2

I've been making pom poms for Edie's birthday today. Her big day is just two weeks away now and as I HOPE her baby brother will have made an appearance by then I decided to get these done and dusted now rather than miss my chance to do anything much other than squirt milk out of my boobs and clean dirty bottoms. 

I used the tutorial I posted in this post... It's EASY!

Making these pom poms has been a good way of distracting myself from overdue-ness. Whenever I get a little twitchy I go make a pom pom! 

Now I need another project for tomorrow, to keep me busy... 

And maybe one for the next day.

And the next...

10 Apr 2013


Today our illnesses, afflictions and conditions actually allayed enough for us to get outside for a 30 minute walk in the relatively balmy over-ten-degrees-Celsius temperature. We've been getting a little cabin feverish this last week or so. 

It was good to see Edie with a little of her energy back. She looked so happy to be outdoors. 

But when we came home she seemed to get suddenly unwell again, it's so hard to judge these things with little ones. 

And now I've just left her asleep in her bed dosed up on Calpol and antibiotics, holding her hand over her ear. Not the ear the doctor gave her the antibiotics for. The other one...

So tomorrow I guess it's back to staying indoors. Waiting for everyone to get better, waiting for a baby to arrive, waiting waiting waiting...

9 Apr 2013

40 weeks- one way or another this baby is coming pretty soon

Me, at 40 weeks... eek!!!!
There's a very real chance that I'll disappear after I have this baby. That I won't be able to post on this blog. I hope not. I hope I'll have the energy, the inclination and the clearness of mind (mostly that one) to write a little here and there. 

I had a blog before I had Edie. I never wrote on it again after I had her and started this one instead many months later. I don't want to do that again. 

I like it here. 

The good news is it's my due date today and I'm still functioning as my almost normal self! This was not the case when I was pregnant with Edie. So who knows? I may be lucky this time and manage the whole thing the way it seems many other women do. 

That would be so nice. 

Really bloody nice.

*note* there is some kind of optical illusion going on in the above pic that makes my bump look quite small. It's not. Believe me, it's not. 

4 Apr 2013

this last week

This last week has been one of 'those' weeks. An elderly family member passed away and whilst this was not entirely unexpected it was still obviously a sad event and It threw my 38 week pregnant self off course completely when it comes to this blog and other creative or work related endeavours. 

The funeral was on Tuesday and we said goodbye to my Great Auntie Jean; a beautiful woman who was gorgeous through and through. A real lady. 

Also my husband has been unwell, Edie too, and as for me, well, I've definitely reached the stage where doing the most simple things is hard work. 

I'm really feeling the need to settle down at home and prepare for our new baby. I felt the same way with Edie, like I needed to close down some of the other parts of my life and focus just on us, on home, on family, on the little life inside me. 

Now I have just four days until my due date. Wow. 

And there's a part of me that looks around and wants to 'get things ready', cleaning, organising, putting in place a system that we can just slot into when we return from the hospital with a newborn, but then there's a bigger part of me that says 'what is there to do except keep well and happy and just relax'. 

And so that's what I intend to do. 

I really hope you all had a good Easter. 
Thanks for reading.