about me

I'm Anna, a British artist, designer and writer living in a nearly renovated 1920's house in South Wales.

I have a business called Goldlion, through which I sell my artwork and products. You can find it here.

My prints are bold and colourful and aimed at both kiddies and adults. I like to make stuff that brightens up walls and makes people happy.

I also run community art groups, a part time job that I love.

I write here, on my blog as often as I can about my artwork, my children, my home and whatever else takes my fancy.

I try to be kind, to live in the moment, to keep things simple and to laugh as much as possible. I love my family.

In my past lives I've completed an art degree, an MA in Writing: Practice and Issues, and I worked as a freelance writer in London before coming home to Wales.

I love swimming in the sea, starry skies, cheese boards, dancing in the kitchen with my kids and big bloomsy peonies. 

I'm a feminist, a vegetarian and a leftie and I'm proud to be all three.

I love the thought of this blog being my online diary, my portfolio, my gratitude journal and my place to meet people like you.

If you've got something to say or would just like to say hello you can get me here:


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