23 May 2013

big sister

One of the most wonderful things for me about having a second child has been seeing my first child fall instantly in love with the new addition. 

I saw her love for him in her eyes the minute she walked into the hospital ward on April 15 holding hands with her daddy. I see it now everyday as she wanders, runs, hops or scoots past and stops to plants a kiss on his little head. 

She has suddenly become the eldest child, a big sister proud to help out, eager to look after *her* baby. 

And if she's happy then I'm happy. 

The first couple of weeks she was bursting with excitement, excitement that sometimes bubbled over into an outburst of emotion. I'd look up at her whilst nursing the baby to see a little tear roll down her cheek.

'What's wrong sweetheart?' I'd ask.

'I feel sad and I don't know why' she'd answer. 

But those moments were few and far between and the vast majority of time has been spent giving kisses and cwtches and being a generally outstanding big sister. 

Griff is so lucky to have a sister like Edie, another heart full of love for him. 

I'm so looking forward to watching them grow up together.

21 May 2013

little rainbow

Whenever I see a rainbow I whip out my iPhone and quickly take a picture. Rainbows make me happy. Beautiful and strange, streaking our skies with their refracted light to make a rainy day colourful. Aren't they awesome?

I made this rainbow print so I could keep a little rainbow at home with me everyday, not just when the sun comes out from behind a cloud on a rainy day. 

If you'd like one too then go here. They're only £6 at the moment. 

Who doesn't love a rainbow? 

7 May 2013

introducing baby Griff

My little boy is here. 

He arrived in the small hours of a Monday morning. 

Monday 15th of April in fact.

This time was harder than the last. And I thought second time around was meant to be a doddle... Not always it would seem.

But he's here and he's gorgeous and I'm totally in love. 

And things are going OK. I'm going OK. More than OK. Compared to last time I'm kicking ass.

He loves being held, he loves hearing me sing, he loves staring at my face, he loves being fed. He loves being fed a lot. A lot a lot.

That's babies for you though, eh? Never happier than when there's a boob in the vicinity.  

And I'm slowly emerging from the baby fog. The one that allows your brain to only process thoughts that involve your little person and makes the rest of the world a little blurry, a little out of focus, a little less there. 

I love having an extra person in our family. And Edie loves having a baby brother. She is THE sweetest big sister, her love for Griff is huge already. You can see it in her face when she holds him. 
I feel so lucky. 

I am so lucky.

Lucky lucky me.