27 Mar 2012

reading makes your world big...

A new print over at Etsy... Perfect for all you bookworms out there. 

quick, strip off and open a bottle of wine, the sun's out!

 So the sun has been shining on us all weekend, making us giddy with the joys of spring and triggering off a epidemic of picnicking, afternoon alcohol consumption and bare skin exposure in the UK. It's been wonderful.

you got designer shades just to hide your face and you wear 'em around like you're cooler than me...
 We headed to a vintage fayre on Cardiff's Pontcanna Fields on Saturday and it was a treasure trove of vintage loveliness, happy faces and cake.  
Vintage glasses and sunbeams...  
No wonder vintage people are skinny, these bowls are tiny. Ben and Jerry's? Just the one scoop. 
Vintage hand towels too lovely to wipe your hands on. Use the regular ones first please.
She's still only 2. Love the face painting but the lippy is freaking me out.

  Now, us in the UK can be sure of one thing. Soon enough the cardies and pullovers we so gleefully cast aside the minute the sun peeped out from behind a cloud will be called upon once again and restored to their rightful places upon our shocked and slightly sun kissed bodies. So make the most of it while it lasts, from dawn till dusk if you can. 

 Or just to eat your sandwiches in the park at lunchtime if not.

 Hope your weekend was just as lovely. X 

22 Mar 2012


Today has been one of those days when I feel like everything is coming undone. Not enough sleep, a grumpy toddler, late for a class I'm running, a messy house, hormones going crazy, over sensitive, nothing much getting done. My shoulders are rising from down where they should be to half way up to my ear lobes- a sure sign of stress for me. 

 I need my roots done, I need to go to the cinema on my own, I need to swim in the sea, I need to watch fireworks, I need to go somewhere really really windy to blow the cobwebs away, I need to walk somewhere faster than at a toddler's pace, I need to get drunk on spirits and write bad poetry, I need to dress up in gold lamé and dance on the kitchen table. 

 I need to kiss my little girl and go to bed.

 And thank you for all the lovely comments. You made me smile lots. X


21 Mar 2012

deer lucky


 Serendipity, fate or good old fashioned luck bought this little deer to me on Monday. I'd seen one just like it at an antiques hall months back, just like it except for the fact that that little deer had a badly chipped head. I still wanted it, chip and all, and asked the price. Not for sale, was the reply. Not for anything.  The owner was using it as a holder for his business cards.

 You know when something sticks in your head? I searched on Ebay, I Googled 'deer card holder' and... nothing. 

 Then Monday lunchtime, browsing in a charity shop with Edie and gasp, there it was, perfect and chippless and desperate to come home with me. Like lost treasure.

 We were clearly meant to be, the dear card holder and I.

 Sweet isn't it? Have you ever found some treasure you thought to be long lost?

20 Mar 2012

sweet dreams and sunbeams

 Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you... A new print to make you feel sunny inside. 

 It was hard to take a good pic of this one. It really is a jolly print in the flesh. I love that orange colour right now, so summery. 

 Up on Etsy now! Please go have a little peep.

 Plus, I've been working on a notes for spring time post. It really is here isn't it? With the days slowing stretching out to give us more minutes of light each and every day I want to start planning for the up coming weeks right now in order to squeeze the most out of our spring and summer. Time to throw open the windows and let spring in!

12 Mar 2012

6 on the weekend

 It was a real pleasure to see the sun this weekend,(hello sun, stick around a little longer, eh?). It truly felt like spring and you could smell the earthy goodness in the air. Beautiful.

 Saturday was busy and fun and included lunch at The Pot. It was SO GOOD! Mine was a salad and it was divine. And that's high praise for a salad I guess. Edie played with the china animals I'd just picked up in the charity shop next door and gobbled up her soda bread and houmous like a good girl.

 A little vintage hunting later and we found this gem. It's now in pride of place on Edie's window sill.

 Sunday = a lot of sorting but finally the 'middle room' is taking shape, at loooong last.

 Next a bike ride in the late afternoon sun, with David's new Schwinn, Edie on her trike and Lola running for all she's worth, ears flapping out behind her. The sky was stunning.

 Then home for a little me-time and the MacBook Pro. Happy with my new print - a sunny one which is apt.

 A happy, sunny weekend. Hope yours was good too.

7 Mar 2012

you've got no chance with a toddler in the room, silly

 Trying to take photos of pretty much anything with a toddler in the house is hard work. 

'Just one minute babe', you keep saying.

 No, no way are they gonna give you that one whole minute. Don't be ridiculous.

 And then you give in and just let her be in the photo. 

 So my vintage case shoot got hi-jacked by a toddler. Just like the rest of my life then. But in a good way. Obvs.

1 Mar 2012

suitcase makeover

 My vintage fabric arrived in the post looking like this-

I opened it up and it looked like this-

 Then I covered an ratty old suitcase with it and voila!

 I plan to take proper non-instagram pictures tomorrow. The last pic doesn't do justice to all its glory (yes, I really am that pleased with it).