20 Jun 2013

rain at 2pm

Rain drops falling from the sky, making puddles outside and damp patches inside (gonna get that fixed soon...) If my hair wasn't already a complete state I'd be peed about that too. A messy top knot is my hair do of choice, well, necessity, these days. My roots are a crime scene. 

After yesterday's post about our summer bag today has blown a big raspberry at me by being all about the torrential rain. But days indoors are lovely too. The radio is on, the kettle's constantly on the boil and a sleepy post 8 week jab Griff is stretched out on my lap. 

It's clear I won't get much done today but I'm happy to let it slide. Sitting here with the baby, taking iPhone pictures and blogging with one hand, I'm happy even though it's hammering down out there. 

Hope you guys can keep smiling even when the skies are grey and heavy with rain. 

19 Jun 2013

the summer bag

Remember when summer days were gloriously sunny and stretched out from breakfast to bedtime full of long lazy wanderings, butterflies, bumble bees, bare toes in grass, the ice-cream van, sticky tarmac, splashing about in streams and water fights with old washing up bottles? It seems to me now that I spent the whole summer holidays outdoors, running riot and having a ball.

I was lucky to have those days. I fear my girl, and of course now my boy, wont have those hazy, golden, sun drenched memories that I have. We have these little burst of gorgeousness but no whole season to speak of. 

That's why every single warm and sunny moment must be snatched up. 

I'm on a constant sun watch (no good relying on the weather report, these sneaky afternoons, like yesterday's, are often not expected) and when the temperature rises a little and the sun peaks out from behind the thick layer of perma-cloud then I'm running around the house like an idiot grabbing sun hats and bathing costumes and sandals and lotion and money for ice-cream before rushing outdoors to get me and mine some summer fun. 

And so I've decided to pack a bag. A summer bag which will hang in the hall ready for me to grab and go.

the contents
Edie's bathing costume
Sun lotion
Baby wipes
Sun hats
A towel
Money (for ice-cream and last minute picnics)
A sarong (for lazing about on, instead of a blanket which is too bulky for impromptu escapes)

Then I can just grab it and go, straight from the school run, to ensure no one has to walk through town in just a pair of leggins because their mother let them go in the outdoor pool in the park in their knickers and t-shirt. Next time their bathers will be there, ready, in the bag. 

Can you think of anything else I need to add?

17 Jun 2013

last week

•walking in the sun •making this for my little one •lying in bed and laughing with my girl •solar powered fairy lights •saltwater sandals in tan •planning trips to the seaside •Lola's new haircut picnicing in the woods •ice-cream and ginger beer •beautiful peonies •watching Girls on DVD •losing my voice Griff's smile •getting caught in the rain •having 4 sips of beer and feeling tipsy •singing 'Firework' at top volume in the car on the school run •big crunchy Greek salads •being barefoot •breakfasting with friends •driving through the mountains in the golden hour •more ginger beer (obsessed with ginger beer) •dreaming of a perfect garden •designing and ordering a new iPhone case •Cos clothing •letter writing •fresh mint tea •carousel rides •banana pancakes •waking up every morning bright and early and feeling HAPPY!

12 Jun 2013


I had so many things I wanted to get done today but it's 2.30 and the baby has just fallen asleep after being awake since 6.  

Gah, I guess that's just how it goes when you have a baby to look after. 

I'm constantly torn between immersing myself with the sweetest baby boy ever, spending time with my girl, getting stuff done around the house (my god, this one is a desperate situation) and doing some work. Then there's my dog who's crazy in need of a walk, the shopping, my family... You know the list. 

Sometimes I wonder if I should forget about getting work done and just be a mum for a while but it makes me happy to make stuff so I guess it's the best thing to keep juggling and just get the hell on with it.

Yesterday was a different story and I had hours free whilst the baby snoozed to get some stuff done. And so I managed to finish the print I'd started for Griff's bedroom. It's the one above. 

I think it's pretty cute. Just like the boy himself. 

11 Jun 2013

one of those perfect afternoons

We had a gorgeous weekend in the sun. I love those days when you rush to the shops to pick up supplies on your way somewhere green and shady for a picnic. Perfect afternoons spent barefoot on the grass. 

Being outside is so good for the soul!

Especially when the temperature is just right for warming you through to your bones without toasting you to a crisp within minutes. 

Thanks for your visits and comments. I'm not being the best commenter myself right now but I do love reading your beautiful blogs and really appreciate you all visiting here. 

Thank you guys. 

3 Jun 2013

seven weeks

Griff was seven weeks old yesterday. 

Seven weeks of my beautiful baby boy. 

God, I'm so crazy about him. 

And the magnificent thing is that I can enjoy it all properly this time because my brain isn't spinning at a million miles an hour. 

I was prepared for the worst but hoping for the best and to be honest I still can't quite believe that this time I'm fine and dandy.


He's really chilled out and his smiles are just amazing. Baby smiles are so infectious, they can melt even the grumpiest of hearts. 

Basically I'm totally blissed out on my baby boy. 


Just wanted to share this new print with you all. 

I'm kinda loving monochrome right now.

As always, available here...