19 Sep 2012

the middle ground between blah blah blah and nothing

one day I may just write this book

When I don't feel like blogging I don't blog. That's that and unless I start treating this little online space of mine differently it's not going to change. 

I have vague ideas about why I blog, vague plans, vague intentions, and I love to write and share stuff with 'you lot', but when it's down to the nitty gritty and life does the thing that life does and gets in the way of all vague plans and intentions then it's bye-bye blog for as long as it takes for me to find a little space to blog again. And then the words pour out and I wonder why I left it so long in the first place. 

I'm a bit of a fuss-arse when it comes to social media. Love Twitter, hate Facebook (which I was on for about 48 hours years back, before bailing, appalled). I also have mixed feelings about blogging and the stuff we portray in our little patches of the web. In the real world I'm a chronic over-sharer, here, not so much - over-sharing to the stranger behind the till at Sainsburys is one thing, doing it here when god knows who is reading (my brother? my nan? that cow who hates me irrationally for no sodding reason?) is completely another. But then some days the stuff that comes whizzing out of my head is Stuff Not To Be Seen Online so I whizz it out of my head and towards my husband instead (who sits there going 'mmm' every so often helpfully).

But there are, of course, bloggers who never 'whizz out', their blogs are controlled, they are planned, they are base-line, tempered creations that have little to do with the blogger's emotion, state of mind or day to day life. They are works of art. 

I wonder how you combat the tendency to drift away from your blog, how you stop yourself running out of steam every third day. Do you have schedules? Write posts days or weeks in advance? Set aside a certain time each day or week to write? We all have different reasons for blogging but we all do it ultimately for pleasure not duty though, right?

Anyway, enough whizzing out for today. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow, maybe not. 

14 Sep 2012

Happy Floral

My new Vintage Floral print: Happy Floral makes me happy :)

I seem to be drawn towards orange and golden colours these days. And the blue/purple/pinks really make the whole thing 'pop'. 

One for the bedroom I think? We need more art up in our room. This will make me rise a little happier on the upcoming dark mornings. Or maybe not... Probably not... But it will look nice at least. 

5 Sep 2012

first day as a big girl

Edie's first day at school... and the house seems so quiet. But I'm picking her up at 11.30 and we're going for cake!

Hope she has fun.
Hope she makes good friends.
Hope her brain starts filling up with all sorts of marvellous things.
Hope she comes home with paint on her pinafore.
Hope she plays in the yard when the sun is shining and the sky is blue.
Hope she makes beautiful things with tin foil, cotton wool and glitter.
Hope she sings in the choir at Christmas.
Hope she is kind.
Hope that if she gets 'things wrong' it doesn't worry her too much because in the big picture it doesn't matter a hoot.
Hope she tries hard.
Hope she doesn't pick her nose.
Hope she knows how much she is loved.

*proud face*