8 Nov 2013


These last four months have been good ones. I've been happy and busy. Busy with a baby boy who I'm madly in love with and busy with my big girl who's growing up fast. I've been busy with work too, a little too busy with work perhaps.

I've not been busy with this blog.

But I hadn't forgotten about it. Just laid it aside for a while. Predictable really, I kind of guessed I would back here. People who have babies and carry on seamlessly blogging I salute you. Jesus Christ, where do you find the time? Do you sleep?!

Not blogging has been good for me but hand on heart I can honestly say that it has had some negative affects too. I missed the act of writing most days but also I missed how blogging makes you look around you and notice things, it makes you take extra care with your time, makes you notice the days as they speed by and makes you focus on how you spend your time and construct your life. And I missed taking photographs, I haven't been taking enough.

I missed reading all your blogs too. I sometimes dropped in via my phone or iPad but just fleetingly, now and again, not commenting or engaging with anyone.

I've got a lot of catching up to do.

And although I strongly suspect I'm talking to nobody I hope you've all been well and happy and it's very nice to be back.