29 Feb 2012

lists- songs that make me cry

Because sometimes having a little cry feels so good.

in no particular order

1- Goldfrapp - A&E

2- The Beatles - Blackbird

3- Joni Mitchell - River

4 - Elliott Smith - Angeles

5 - ABBA - Slipping through my fingers. 

 I don't think these songs are depressing (I left those ones off the list because, well, they were just too depressing), I just think they are sweetly, sadly, beautiful. Sob.

 Having a good old sing-a-long to one of these songs when you're in the mood can feel great. 

 Have you got any to add?



  1. I can not cope with that Abba song - G has got really into Mamma Mia lately and I have to leave the room when that one comes on. So upsetting!

  2. some of goldfrapp's always manage to make me a bit teary, they're so melancholy!

  3. Emma- I know, I know, it makes you want to grab 'em and squeeze them soooooo hard that they get all stroppy and go 'get off me mummy' and hit you and then you're over it completely and looking forward to them leaving home.

    SJ- Yeah, you've go to be in the mood for Goldfrapp. Either sexy or sad. Depending.