10 Apr 2013


Today our illnesses, afflictions and conditions actually allayed enough for us to get outside for a 30 minute walk in the relatively balmy over-ten-degrees-Celsius temperature. We've been getting a little cabin feverish this last week or so. 

It was good to see Edie with a little of her energy back. She looked so happy to be outdoors. 

But when we came home she seemed to get suddenly unwell again, it's so hard to judge these things with little ones. 

And now I've just left her asleep in her bed dosed up on Calpol and antibiotics, holding her hand over her ear. Not the ear the doctor gave her the antibiotics for. The other one...

So tomorrow I guess it's back to staying indoors. Waiting for everyone to get better, waiting for a baby to arrive, waiting waiting waiting...

1 comment:

  1. Sorry she is still feeling ill - managing to look very cute though!