23 May 2013

big sister

One of the most wonderful things for me about having a second child has been seeing my first child fall instantly in love with the new addition. 

I saw her love for him in her eyes the minute she walked into the hospital ward on April 15 holding hands with her daddy. I see it now everyday as she wanders, runs, hops or scoots past and stops to plants a kiss on his little head. 

She has suddenly become the eldest child, a big sister proud to help out, eager to look after *her* baby. 

And if she's happy then I'm happy. 

The first couple of weeks she was bursting with excitement, excitement that sometimes bubbled over into an outburst of emotion. I'd look up at her whilst nursing the baby to see a little tear roll down her cheek.

'What's wrong sweetheart?' I'd ask.

'I feel sad and I don't know why' she'd answer. 

But those moments were few and far between and the vast majority of time has been spent giving kisses and cwtches and being a generally outstanding big sister. 

Griff is so lucky to have a sister like Edie, another heart full of love for him. 

I'm so looking forward to watching them grow up together.


  1. Oh wow. This made my heart fill up with joy and tears. After the pain of the birth of my son, I've said that I couldn't bear dealing with another pregnancy. But this post has made me daydream about seeing my son with a sibling.

  2. Seriously gorgeous post. She's a little star. X

  3. It's such a big adjustment for them, well for everyone....but you all get there in the end, with love and patience! They are beautiful :) x

  4. Oh what a gorgeous post ... sibling love is wonderful and so strong ... I am an elder sister and I still mother my little brothers and we're all in our 30's now ;) ... your little ones are precious ... Bee xx

  5. So lovely! My daughter is 2 and a half years older than my son (they are 6 and 4 now) and I remember feeling the same. The best thing is how Griff will grow up loving and adoring her and wandering around the house following her, like my two do. Sibling love is an amazing thing. x

  6. What a lovely post - just perfect pics and perfect wee people, Jo xx

  7. Oh, that's so lovely to see! Perfect little pictures of what I'm sure will be a wonderful relationship as they grow