29 Nov 2011

hello broadband, I missed you X

 It's been a turmultuous few weeks. We've had no kitchen (still have no kitchen), no money (ditto) and no broadband (yay! now we have broadband! thank the gods) The house is chaos with mess and wood and bags of concrete and tools everywhere, and we've been living in the middle of it like a family of bewildered, foraging tramps. 

 And now December is lurking like a ninja in the coming week ready to ambush us with its sparkly awesomeness and I'm thinking that the first Christmas we spend in this house isn't gonna be like the one I'd played out in my head. What with having no kitchen and all. No, it's gonna be better! No cooking, no washing, no ironing! Oh happy days.

 But, honestly? I had big plans for festive house warming parties and clean clothes etc that are fading fast. There's still hope though, with a little Christmas magic we might have an actual sink by Christmas Eve. To wish for a washing machine and oven seems too daring though, and I can't put my heart on the line like that.

 I've decided to post a photo a day throughout December, to get me back into the swing of blogging. Small things, little winter. I missed this, you and all your loveliness and gorgeous blogs, missed the inspiration and the advice. I'm happy to be back. 

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