13 Oct 2011

stuffing our faces in LDN

 Two days and a night in London. A whirlwind trip, a taster. We used to live in the capital, a long time ago now. Ah, happy days.

 We did the Natural History Museum first and, wow, it's even more beautiful than I remember. Taking Edie into the huge Central Hall and seeing the Diplodocus stood there in all his colossal bony glory gave me shivers. I sometimes get a bit overawed in foyers and entrances to wonderful places, like in Disney World, on Main Street, where all I can do is stop myself from erupting like a geyser of emotion at how damn awesome the world is. Well, the Central Hall in the Natural History Museum made me well up. And the Deli Cafe does great food and I bought a pretty and clever book called Kaleidoscope Sky, so all in all I was over the moon.

 The Science Museum was a little shabby but still well worth a visit. We managed to take some time out in the Shake Bar for chocolate chip milkshakes (we missed no opportunity to fill our tummies with tasty stuff)
 And, yes, Edie missed the milkshakes. But she made up for that x10 when she ate the biggest ice cream sundae I've ever seen at Fortnum and Mason which was meant to be shared between the three of us. But, hey, I guess two year olds don't have the whole sharing thing down pat quite yet. That girl can EAT. 

***Important note to all lovers of hot chocolate- the child's hot chocolate at Fortnum and Mason is amazing. And that's not a blog exaggeration. That's a fact. There cannot be a better hot chocolate anywhere on this Earth.***

 Now that makes it sound like all we did was eat and drink liquid chocolate stuffs but we did manage to fit in a few other things. Like going to Spitalfield's Market, where we went to Leon for lunch, admittedly an eating activity again, but have you been to a Leon? Well, if you can you should. I recommend. 

 Now we're home and looking forward to a weekend of painting and getting ready for Phase One of our move. We're aiming for a week Saturday for a partial move into our new home. Eek. Can't wait.


  1. i thought the Science Museum could do with a little facelift as well, especially the top level which looked like no one had visited it in awhile!

    i love fortnum and mason, even just to have a wander :)

  2. How nice is the cute pic of your little one, London sounds amazing wish to visit it one day. kisses mini lemon.

  3. Great photos... You've definitely got me craving a milkshake now..!

    I just love that last shot - just beautiful!



  4. Splendid photos! Especially the last. How darling.