12 Mar 2012

6 on the weekend

 It was a real pleasure to see the sun this weekend,(hello sun, stick around a little longer, eh?). It truly felt like spring and you could smell the earthy goodness in the air. Beautiful.

 Saturday was busy and fun and included lunch at The Pot. It was SO GOOD! Mine was a salad and it was divine. And that's high praise for a salad I guess. Edie played with the china animals I'd just picked up in the charity shop next door and gobbled up her soda bread and houmous like a good girl.

 A little vintage hunting later and we found this gem. It's now in pride of place on Edie's window sill.

 Sunday = a lot of sorting but finally the 'middle room' is taking shape, at loooong last.

 Next a bike ride in the late afternoon sun, with David's new Schwinn, Edie on her trike and Lola running for all she's worth, ears flapping out behind her. The sky was stunning.

 Then home for a little me-time and the MacBook Pro. Happy with my new print - a sunny one which is apt.

 A happy, sunny weekend. Hope yours was good too.


  1. I have the Illustration Now book on my coffee table..love it!

    1. I love illustration books too, went through a stage of buying lots but these days I try to control myself!