27 Mar 2012

quick, strip off and open a bottle of wine, the sun's out!

 So the sun has been shining on us all weekend, making us giddy with the joys of spring and triggering off a epidemic of picnicking, afternoon alcohol consumption and bare skin exposure in the UK. It's been wonderful.

you got designer shades just to hide your face and you wear 'em around like you're cooler than me...
 We headed to a vintage fayre on Cardiff's Pontcanna Fields on Saturday and it was a treasure trove of vintage loveliness, happy faces and cake.  
Vintage glasses and sunbeams...  
No wonder vintage people are skinny, these bowls are tiny. Ben and Jerry's? Just the one scoop. 
Vintage hand towels too lovely to wipe your hands on. Use the regular ones first please.
She's still only 2. Love the face painting but the lippy is freaking me out.

  Now, us in the UK can be sure of one thing. Soon enough the cardies and pullovers we so gleefully cast aside the minute the sun peeped out from behind a cloud will be called upon once again and restored to their rightful places upon our shocked and slightly sun kissed bodies. So make the most of it while it lasts, from dawn till dusk if you can. 

 Or just to eat your sandwiches in the park at lunchtime if not.

 Hope your weekend was just as lovely. X 

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  1. Yeah, the lippy is a bit big fat gypsy wedding ;) love a bit of face painting though!