3 Aug 2012

drowning in happy tears

Some people are able to control their emotions. How do they do that? Maybe they just don't feel it like us roller-coaster riders or maybe inside they're a mass of swirling feeling. 

These last few days I've erupted into (joyful) tears on numerous occasions. It's the Olympics you see, they're making me an emotional wreck. 

And most of us are the same aren't we? Whether it's the theatre, music, sport or a reality TV show involving a troupe of dancing transvestites we're all sometimes caught out surreptitiously dabbing at the corners of our eyes. Even the biggest and hairiest hard-knocks out there are vulnerable to a little sniff sometimes. 

And they're a luxury, these tears. A sign that we're living a life where we're lucky enough to see awesome things- an opera, a rock concert, a beautiful landscape, a dream-come-true for some athlete who has sacrificed so much to achieve their goal.

There are enough reasons to cry sad tears in this world. I'm going to indulge myself in as many of the happy kind as I can for the next week or so. 



  1. Lovely post & totally agree!

    I definitely show my emotions, I can't hide them even if I want to! I have already been in tears a number of times watching the incredible performances in the olympics, it's nice to know i am not alone!

    Happy tears are the best :'-)
    Ruth x

    1. I welled up just reading your comment Ruth! THAT'S how emo I am! ;)