6 Aug 2012

on the weekend- six chickens, a girl and a dog

Edie's getting braver with the chickens now. Although she did wake up twice last night screaming 

so maybe there is still some work to be done. They do flap about a lot and they're definitely getting bossier, crowding around and clambering for food. No eggs as of yet. They have a little more growing up to do first. Now that will be an exciting day, when Edie finds her first egg! And the promise is for pancakes. Banana pancakes.


  1. Love that shot of her in her shorts and wellies - wish I could pull off that look! We have chickens at the Market Garden and I have to say I don't really like them up close either because of the flapping! But they are worth it for those eggs. x

    1. I know, I like that look too! In fact I bought a pair of short shorts in Topshop on the weekend and my husband took one look at them and said "Please tell me you're going to wear tights with those". Cheeky sod. (I am going to btw!)

  2. Aw, lush picture of Edie and Lola. I won't tell Edie the story of how Dave's dad was sitting in the garden with his lunch, when one of his chicken's flew up onto the bench beside him, tried to pinch his sandwich and accidentally pecked him in the eye! xx

  3. I'm glad there are others out there who give their emotions free reign!! Your gorgeous little one looks so full of happiness--and I'm quite envying her wellies... :D xx