5 Sep 2012

first day as a big girl

Edie's first day at school... and the house seems so quiet. But I'm picking her up at 11.30 and we're going for cake!

Hope she has fun.
Hope she makes good friends.
Hope her brain starts filling up with all sorts of marvellous things.
Hope she comes home with paint on her pinafore.
Hope she plays in the yard when the sun is shining and the sky is blue.
Hope she makes beautiful things with tin foil, cotton wool and glitter.
Hope she sings in the choir at Christmas.
Hope she is kind.
Hope that if she gets 'things wrong' it doesn't worry her too much because in the big picture it doesn't matter a hoot.
Hope she tries hard.
Hope she doesn't pick her nose.
Hope she knows how much she is loved.

*proud face*


  1. Aw, got a little tear here - she looks lush! She's going to love it. (And she has the same pinafore as Gwen, who already has paint on hers).

  2. Shucks. How lovely is that post? I hope all those things for you too.

    And I hope the house isn't too quiet. And I hope you had nice cake. x