14 Sep 2012

Happy Floral

My new Vintage Floral print: Happy Floral makes me happy :)

I seem to be drawn towards orange and golden colours these days. And the blue/purple/pinks really make the whole thing 'pop'. 

One for the bedroom I think? We need more art up in our room. This will make me rise a little happier on the upcoming dark mornings. Or maybe not... Probably not... But it will look nice at least. 


  1. I'd put it in the bedroom. That's where mine is going to go as I've just bought myself one - an early birthday treat to myself! x

  2. Loving the colour combo! Have always had a thing for orange and grey, and now i see your zingy blue am liking that too! More art- yes the way forward. x

    1. Love your new piece too. Keep it up! X