9 Oct 2012

bobble hats at the ready

It's getting cold around these here parts, but I've got a good layer of fat on me these days so bring it on, bitch.

Because I love... 

...sparkling frost, sky so blue it's in technicolour, red berries, fat robins, chai tea lattes, knee-length socks, starry nights, trees dressed up in red, orange and yellow, fairy lights, red noses, conkers, thinking about surprises, hoping for snow, warm feet by the fire, mulled wine, dressing up, sequins and glitter and bright red lippy, writing lists, making plans, time to dream, big fluffy jumpers and fingerless gloves, that warm glow, the ones you love all under the same blanket eating popcorn and watching films, breath you can see, long hot baths, books to read, chocolate to drink, hot water bottles, the best oranges, writing letters, magic, shopping bags filled with treats...

...yep, we're well into Autumnal territory and there's Winter on the horizon looking all sparkly and cosy. 'You-hoo, Winter! I've got my thermals ready, see you sooooon!'


  1. Yeah bring it on! Love this post. I so need to buy a hot water bottle, haven't had one for years. And I'm so happy for your news, fantastic! x

    1. Thanks! I'm feeling like I'm returning very slowly to my human self after months of being just a bundled mess of nausea, bad hair and hormones.
      And how can you not have a hot water bottle?! I had no idea such people existed. Apart from people in Dubai. And other such hot places. Get one you fool! X

  2. Yay - here's to fluffy coats and sparkly things and cosying up!

  3. Yes to dressed up trees and hot water bottles!