12 Oct 2012

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'sweet dreams' by goldlion

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One of the many, many, many things I took for granted pre-baby, back when I was a care-free, flipperty gibbet of a fool, is a good night's sleep. Eight long blissful hours of uninterrupted sleep... back then that was a functional necessity, now it's the freaking holy grail. 

I go to sleep, I wake up, I pee. 

I go back to sleep, I wake up, I tell my daughter that yes, she can have that phantom cake (she's a food related nightmare sufferer), I get into her Ikea child's bed with my feet poking through the metal bars at the bottom and I go back to sleep. 

I wake up with every bone in my body aching and my feet freezing, I go back into our room where our bed feels like heaven and I go back to sleep. 

I wake up, I pee... and repeat until morning.

How long can this go on for? I suspect that when Edie (and the next one) are sleeping through the night I'll be onto the menopause, or incontinence, or some such sleep wrecking thing and so I fear the golden years of sweet, delicious, uninterupted sleep are gone. And I need my shut eye, I mean I really need it. Baaaaaaad. 

But what can I do? Besides hiring a nanny for the next five years and hooking myself up to a catheter for the next five months bugger all. But that's ok, just like you accept that you'll spend more on your child's shoes than your whole wardrope you just get on with it. 

And so if I can't a good night's sleep I've decided I at least deserve a pretty/comfy/cosy one.

And so here are my Etsy picks for a beautiful bedroom, if not a beautiful night's sleep.


  1. Sod's law that Molly has just started sleeping a lot better... and the late pregnancy insomnia has kicked in. Hello 5AM! Ick.

    When both of mine were babies, I used to fantasise about sleeping in a completely pitch black, quiet, quite cold room, under a really thick warm duvet.

  2. Gorgeous collection of product.. that decorative pillow is too cute..!



  3. Lovely selection. I have never slept well, so I feel your pain!

  4. I want all these things! And with a teething babe, I definitely understand the sleep issues!