16 Jan 2014

dreaming up a monochrome wall

Black and white. It's been a 'thing' for ages now (like triangles and teepees... imagine a monochrome teepee in a trianglular print. Too much? Or bloody lovely? Probably bloody lovely.). But it's a 'thing' that I still love the look of. Perhaps black and white will never really look outdated if you do it right. Black and white with a 'pop' of colour (the 'pop', let face it, usually being a cushion).

Anyway , I want a gallery of black and white prints. With maybe a 'pop', or maybe not a 'pop'. I'm unsure on the 'pop'.

And when you have a hankering for design inspiration you turn to pinterest and get blown away by the lovely homes that people have and how clever and not lazy at all they are. *sigh*

So here you go-

all these and more here at Pinterest

I have some black and white prints of my own that are good to go but if anyone has any black and white print recommendations they'd like to share then please do! 

1 comment:

  1. I still love black and white and triangles! A bit too much I think. And I've found myself drawn to it as a colour in my house a lot recently. But as you say, with a 'pop' of colour from a cushion or a plant. Have you seen miniwilla.se? She makes some really fun prints mostly in b&w. x