20 Jan 2014

monochrome print

This is one of the monochrome prints of mine I mentioned in the last post. I made it a few months back now but it hasn't made it into the shop as of yet. In fact the shop has been generally neglected for quite some time now.

I don't think I've mentioned it here before but I have a part time job as an art tutor. Since having the kids it's just been a few classes a week but it's the best fun. I had a class today and we made dream catchers. Getting paid by the hour to help people make dream catchers makes me do a little happy dance. BUT this lovely little job of mine is under threat and I fear it'll bite the dust very soon. I'll be lost without my classes, my students and my time away from the kids.  

I would love to say I'll have more time to do my other work, my design work, my Etsy shop, write, that kind of thing, but it's not easy with a nine month old baby and a four year old... But people do it, don't they? Somehow they manage to get the stuff done. 

It's 9.30pm right now and my children are both in bed. My husband is on his way home from London and the dog is asleep on the sofa. And I have time right now, this time, evening time. So I guess I sacrifice Netflix and baths and books and early nights and instead work every night along with any time I can snatch in the daytime and on weekends. 

And we'll see. 

Do any of you guys work on stuff in the evenings or weekends? What do you sacrifice? 

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  1. Love the print! I find it difficult fitting things in like Etsy shop stuff - though its easier now Archie does mornings at nursery. I've never been very good at staying up and getting loads done in the evenings! Once the kids are asleep I'm pretty much ready for bed myself - a bath and Eastenders is about all I can manage! xx