3 Sep 2011

A few good things

Fall In Love With You All Over Again with Hello Giggles, read it, it's ace. (Found via Charade). 

These free printable stickers would be great for kids books or for big kids books (like mine).

How to Improve Every Moment the Zen Habits way.

The Awesome Thing About Rejection Is - from The Daily Love. It makes sense.

Want ideas for wonderful dates in London Town? Look no further! Found via the ever lovely Sparkles and Crumbs.

This guy is awesome, WOW, inspirational or what?

Karen Elson, always cool, even when doing this. Especially when doing this.

We're off to the beach for a few days to say goodbye to the summer. X


  1. I must say, the Lanvin video is a bit odd without any music, lol.

  2. Off to check out those Zen habits. Good to remember things like this!