21 Sep 2011

Right now I'm reading...

...Luella's Guide to English Style

 'From the sheer rock and rollness of Marianne Faithfull to the 
epitome of English aristocracy, the Duchess of Devonshire, feeding her chickens in pearls and Wellingtons...'
Luella Bartley

 Finally getting around to reading Luella Bartley's Luella's Guide to English Style. So far so good. I've been making little notes on the pages in pencil which is making me feel very naughty (I've always been a good girl when it comes to looking after books) so I have lots of quotes and things to inspire me saved up. Like this one!

 'Money-is-no-object thinking comes at a price. Too much cash means zero creativity and none of the groundwork or lineage needed to figure out what makes a good status purchase. You're not going to find your true self poncing around Harvey Nichols until you've done your apprenticeship in the markets, high street, charity shops and jumble sales, experimenting, altering, and making proper, individual, out-there choices - and mistakes.'
Luella Bartley

 In that case, my apprenticeship seems to be taking forever.

 Here's another great quote that rang true with me (especially right now this minute with my rained on, tangled mess of a hair-do)-
'...hair is one of the most telling signs of true English style and the brush is it's worse enemy...'

 The book itself is gorgeous too, with an aged look and a bright pink elastic band to keep your page. Genius!

 This book does feel a little like a text book (that's probably why I feel the need to deface it with scribbles in the margins) but it's certainly got me thinking about the joys of style-individuality and the evils of style-globalisation. Luella's love of clothes and dressing up is clear and her excitement and enthusiasm are infectious. If you're a lover of fashion and style books like me then you could do worse than with this addition to the collection.


  1. Love that you are jotting notes, love the book, and it is very lovely! Great post, well written :)


  2. I love that "money is no object"-quote. It's so inspiring!

  3. Swirls- oh, thanks!
    Sabrina- it is inspiring but I still wish I had just a leetle bit more if it. Not much, just enough to keep me in nice undies.

  4. Wow, this seems like a really cool book :)