19 Sep 2011

on the weekend

  Too much good food, a little too much wine, good friends, my Dad's birthday, the opera, after-show parties, wood burning stove shopping, rain, choosing paint colours, counting our pennies, spending our pennies, house warming gifts and one night with no sleep. 

 Today I'm tired. 

 Edie is growing up so fast, she's not quite 2 and a half yet but she is so knowing and funny and charming, she continually amazes me. She's blossoming and learning so fast it takes my breath away. I love to see her little idiosyncrasies and quirks show themselves as I get to know her better. 

 I look at her and I feel so lucky.


  1. Aw bless, that made me do a little cry x

  2. Such gorgeous photos - Edie is absolutely beautiful..!



  3. Your weekend sounds fabulous! So does that cake and so does your Edie. She is an absolute doll!