18 Jul 2012

it's not a bat, darling, it's half a tube of mascara and two inches of eyeliner

If you go and your make-up done by MAC, on your birthday, as a treat, be prepared to feel like a drag act, at midday, on say, a Sunday. Brace yourself for a dash to the ladies before lunch so that you can attempt to modify your eyes with a wet wipe. Then when you meet your husband and little girl in Topshop you may hear the words 'MUMMY! WHY HAVE YOU GOT A BAT ON YOUR FACE!' echo around the shoe department. 

Good stuff though. It's a bugger to get off. 


  1. Ha! i would never dare do that for fear of looking like an air hostess. very brave! thanks for your lovely comment, good luck with the summer hols...and the rain! x

    1. MAC don't do air hostess. They do Rupaul. X

  2. Hahahahahaha! Love it. x