5 Jul 2012

wet bottoms and the big girl rides

We 'celebrated' our five year wedding anniversary at the uber romantic get away, 'Peppa Pig World'.

This was not planned, we're not that messed up. We just got our dates a little mixed up. 

It rained. We all got wet bottoms. They played the same four bars of music over and over again (seriously, the guys who work at PPW, how have you not all got twitches and the haunted looks of people who are being subjected to the worst kind of aural torture? How do you keep smiling?! That music would drive me CRAZY!)

And Edie had a ball. 

The second day (yes, we went back for more) we hit the big girl's rides; the Pirate Ship, the mini roller-coaster, the water slides... and boy did she love it. Adrenaline junkie at three? She digs those white-knuckle rides as much as her mummy. 

She's growing up so fast... She'll be starting nursery in September which excites me and breaks my heart in equal measures.  No more Peppa Pig then I fear. Big girl stuff all the way. 

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