12 Jul 2012

vintage fabric inspiration

This is what I'm inspired by right now- making artwork based on the gorgeous prints and patterns of days long gone by. I love the colours, the floral patterns, the hand-drawn look of many of the designs. They don't pussy-foot around, they're bold, strong vibrant patterns that sit so perfectly in the modern white washed homes of today.

It's funny how nostalgic we can be for eras we weren't even around for. 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's (I was a 70's baby but can't remember a thing)... now the 80's, a time I can actually recall, well, 80's fabric just doesn't do it for me at all...

I'm very happy with the first designs I've produced and playing around with colourways is fun. I'd like to get some of these new prints blown up a little larger that usual. But before that I have to frame and photograph the A4 ones I've produced so far. 

Waiting for good photograph taking light in this weather requires a lot of patience. 

Back soon. Hopefully.


  1. Ah, floral fabrics how I love you...but yes for me it's got to be bright and bold, no delicate or ditsy prints round here! Particularly love that pink one above. Have a feeling you'd enjoy my stash cupboard Anna! Looking forward to seeing your new prints, let's hope for sunshine so that you can take your photos - and for so many other reasons!. xx

    1. I expect I would love your stash cupboard! My fav is the pink too.

  2. Hey Anna! Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! Lesson obs are always so terrifying but it's such a nice feeling when they are over and you do well! It was much better than my last one where it was a double observation with the School Improvement partner in French and I ended up crying, it felt like it went so wrong! I love these retro materials too! So cheerful.