10 Dec 2012

Christmas make

We made these sweet little gift tags for Edie's teachers with just a few supplies we already had hanging around the house. They're super simple to make and Edie helped with the rolling out and the cutting. Edie used a straw to pierce the holes for the ribbons before baking and I used letter stamps for the initials (I painted them in with black acrylic paint when they were baked but they would have looked just as gorgeous left plain white).

This is all you need to make a plain white version:

White polymer clay ie. Fimo
A rolling pin
Cookie cutters
A straw (for making the hole)
Something for stamping (I used letter stamps for initials but any pretty or interesting stamp will look ace)

And for the extras:

Acylic paint
Tiny paint brush (for painting in the letter)
Letra set (for the 'Mr' or 'Mrs')
Clear acrylic Matt Medium or varnish (to seal the letra set and paint)
Large pretty beads (for extra decoration)

I love these tags all the more because they're something that kids can help with that don't look like they've been made by a child (not that there's anything wrong with glittery Christmas paper angels and Father Christmas faces made with paper plates and cotton wool- I love those things the best but it was lovely to make something that Edie thought was 'like the ones in the shops...').

Definitely well worth the effort! Happy making.


  1. They are lovely! I like that idea a lot. It's so different too. Everyone in our school just seems to take in boxes of Maltesers! x

  2. Great idea ... and very effective ... Bee x

  3. I love these tags! I've made some stars out of clay for a garland (that hasn't been finished). I'm going to use your idea now...thanks for the inspiration!x

  4. These are great, such a good idea. I love the letraset alongside the stamped letters. I'm sure the teachers will love them. x