13 Dec 2012

holly and mistletoe make

I'm definitely feeling the Christmas spirit these last few days, it's been cold, frosty and the streets are suddenly full of twinkly lights - it's my very favorite time of the year! But I've suddenly realised how time is flying by and how it's now or never when it comes to achieving my Christmas goals. So with just an hour to spare this afternoon I managed to squash in little festive project I've been thinking about these last few weeks. And it felt good to get things done and start and finish a project in one go - rare for a busy (disorganised) girl like me! 

First I cut out some template shapes out of white card-

Then I pinned the shapes to some green felt...

...and cut around the templates-

Next, I added a few stitches to the holly leaves...

...and then sewed on the bells... and finished!

It's a quick and easy make that will look very merry hung around the necks of those bottles of booze I'm giving as gifts this Christmas - or they could adorn my door handles at home, or hang on my tree, or be attached as little extras to my best friends' pressies... don't you love those Christmassy colours? Getting so excited!

Card to make the templates
Pins to attach the templates to the felt Green felt
Bells or buttons for the berries (my coloured ones were from M&S)
Needle and thread to sew on the bells
Thread to make the loop
Wool to stitch the holly leaves (optional- looks great without too)


  1. What a nice idea to add to presents. So much better that bought tags! x

  2. Craft genius! May give these a go myself! x