4 Dec 2012

home in the afternoon

Today Edie was home from school. The house was warm, the kettle was on, we put some Christmas songs on the record player and settled down. I got none of the things done that I had planned but hey, that's life.

Our making session turned out perfectly (but boy do you need eight hands to keep a project under some kind of control with a three year old). It was more fun than I thought you could have with a poorly girl sent home from school. 

I'll be back with more pics of the sweet little project we were working on tomorrow... 


  1. Yes, that is life! Also know what you mean, crafting with wee ones is all about stopping chaos from reigning in this house! Lovely pics, Jxx

  2. Fair play to you for crafting Anna, especially an unplanned session! 8 hands is an understatement in our house - what is it with (my) boys..everything everywhere in seconds. It's a trial to stay calm. ;-) Glad you had much fun x

  3. Sometimes those are the best times ... a chance to just be ... tomorrow is another day for all the things you wanted to do ... and christmas crafting and hot chocolate ... fun for everyone ... Bee xx