19 Jun 2013

the summer bag

Remember when summer days were gloriously sunny and stretched out from breakfast to bedtime full of long lazy wanderings, butterflies, bumble bees, bare toes in grass, the ice-cream van, sticky tarmac, splashing about in streams and water fights with old washing up bottles? It seems to me now that I spent the whole summer holidays outdoors, running riot and having a ball.

I was lucky to have those days. I fear my girl, and of course now my boy, wont have those hazy, golden, sun drenched memories that I have. We have these little burst of gorgeousness but no whole season to speak of. 

That's why every single warm and sunny moment must be snatched up. 

I'm on a constant sun watch (no good relying on the weather report, these sneaky afternoons, like yesterday's, are often not expected) and when the temperature rises a little and the sun peaks out from behind the thick layer of perma-cloud then I'm running around the house like an idiot grabbing sun hats and bathing costumes and sandals and lotion and money for ice-cream before rushing outdoors to get me and mine some summer fun. 

And so I've decided to pack a bag. A summer bag which will hang in the hall ready for me to grab and go.

the contents
Edie's bathing costume
Sun lotion
Baby wipes
Sun hats
A towel
Money (for ice-cream and last minute picnics)
A sarong (for lazing about on, instead of a blanket which is too bulky for impromptu escapes)

Then I can just grab it and go, straight from the school run, to ensure no one has to walk through town in just a pair of leggins because their mother let them go in the outdoor pool in the park in their knickers and t-shirt. Next time their bathers will be there, ready, in the bag. 

Can you think of anything else I need to add?


  1. Well I'd have to say Pimms, ha! Love your idea of a summer bag, it's genius. I always think of rhubarb stalks to dip in sugar, podding peas and eating them in the garden, swingball and fishing with those crappy bamboo cane nets - that's how i remember my summers as a kid.

    And Anna you'd be very disappointed to have me as a wife!

  2. Yes, we really do have to grab those opportunities when they arise! Have fun! :) x

  3. I agree every sunny moment must be snatched up - though it's tough when the sun shines on a working day. Love the bag idea and the up do! Claire xo