3 Jun 2013

seven weeks

Griff was seven weeks old yesterday. 

Seven weeks of my beautiful baby boy. 

God, I'm so crazy about him. 

And the magnificent thing is that I can enjoy it all properly this time because my brain isn't spinning at a million miles an hour. 

I was prepared for the worst but hoping for the best and to be honest I still can't quite believe that this time I'm fine and dandy.


He's really chilled out and his smiles are just amazing. Baby smiles are so infectious, they can melt even the grumpiest of hearts. 

Basically I'm totally blissed out on my baby boy. 


  1. He is truly adorable and what a cool pair of trousers ... lovely to hear you are having fun with your littlest ... Bee xx

  2. Yay!!! Huge congratulations, he is wonderful...I had a similar experience with having my second, it felt so much easier than the first time around...we are lucky, I have friends who have had it the other way around. Lovely name and lovely trousers! Lots of love. xx

  3. Griff rocks! He even looks really chilled out in this picture. Glad you are all doing so well. x

  4. He is just wonderful! I'm so glad everything is chilled for you, enjoy! :) x

  5. he is adorable!
    sorry i missed you over half term - i organise a knit and sew group and a reading group if you ever fancy either of those? would love to see you!
    got the prints too - beauts!xxx

  6. I'm so glad to hear you're both doing well. He looks utterly adorable, I hope you enjoy each other and have lots of crazy fun together