17 Jun 2013

last week

•walking in the sun •making this for my little one •lying in bed and laughing with my girl •solar powered fairy lights •saltwater sandals in tan •planning trips to the seaside •Lola's new haircut picnicing in the woods •ice-cream and ginger beer •beautiful peonies •watching Girls on DVD •losing my voice Griff's smile •getting caught in the rain •having 4 sips of beer and feeling tipsy •singing 'Firework' at top volume in the car on the school run •big crunchy Greek salads •being barefoot •breakfasting with friends •driving through the mountains in the golden hour •more ginger beer (obsessed with ginger beer) •dreaming of a perfect garden •designing and ordering a new iPhone case •Cos clothing •letter writing •fresh mint tea •carousel rides •banana pancakes •waking up every morning bright and early and feeling HAPPY!

1 comment:

  1. I love this list. And I got the tan saltwaters too. Ginger beer is my ideal drink in the summer - perfect for picnics. X