16 May 2014

all the young dudes

Finding the time to produce any new artwork has been hard recently. Priorities and other work commitments have made my relationship with my pens, paper and Photoshop a distant one. But look, I've managed to make something! And I made it mostly standing up cos I've got a bad back! I'm pretty pleased with that. It's helped that I've had extra help with the kids from my parents this week. Thanks to them I could do a little extra work. It's surprising what you can fit into a few hours here and there.

I wanted something bright and cheery, maybe for Griffy's room. That's when he actually gets a room and moves out of ours. 

It feels good to have made something new. I'm feeling motivated right now. Guess I better ride that feeling and get shit done!


  1. Oh I like this! My wee lad would love one in his room- let me know if you start selling them, :) jxx

  2. Love these Anna! I've been catching up on some of your other posts and I just want to say how much I admire you. As always, your posts make me think, make me laugh and most importantly empathize with you. You are amazing. x

    1. Jen, I can't tell you how lovely it is to read that! I'm really resisting the urge to say that I'm not that great at all and just say thank you so much for being so kind. And the feeling's completely mutual, I wish I knew you in the 'real world'. X