3 Jul 2011

A sunday visit to our nearly new house!

 It's been a gorgeous day, the sun hung out with us all day long. We went to measure up some rooms in the house that we're in the process of buying and I just didn't want to leave.

 I have sooo many plans for our *new house (the one that's not quite ours yet). I'm bursting with excitement to get in there and get going. Being content with where I am today… yes I can do that, but striving for great stuff in the future is what propels us humans into great things. I have energy that needs direction, I want to be choosing tiles, pondering over paint, blowing the budget on a rug that makes me orgasmic (god, I'm getting old, when did I ever think that a rug would make me orgasmic? Maybe tone that one down to plain old 'happy'.) We're doing it right this time, we learnt so many lessons on our first house, so this time there'll be no compromising, even when we're on a tight budget, if we can't have it the way we love then we'll wait till we find a way to make it happen. If it all goes to plan I'll be over the moon. We'll miss our first house though. So many good memories to take with us.

And it was lovely to have my outfit for today hanging ready this morning. And I'll have the same luxury awaiting me tomorrow! Stripes have a BIG presence in my wardrobe by the way. Polka dots are on trend for A/W 2011/12 but they'll never usurp my stripes, no way. 


  1. It's all so exciting!! I like that you aren't compromising, it will make your home seem so much more perfect and special to you. Pretty outfit by the way!

  2. Sounds exciting! I wish I was getting a new house...
    Good luck with everything :)
    xx Marie

  3. It is very exciting but I don't know how people buy, sell and move every couple of years. It's hard work! Just been on the phone to our financial guy and they need another bank statement yet again, getting a mortgage these days is like drawing blood! I just want to get in there and start knocking down walls, well, not me personally, but getting someone to do it for me, you know :)

  4. Wow! What an exciting time in your life! Hope everything goes well! P.S - love your blue necklace!

  5. Hi Anna

    I followed you here from Susannah Conway's blog. I like your blog, and your pictures :-)

  6. Apparently I'm getting old, too, because there are definitely some rugs that make me orgasmically happy (c; I mean really, if you can't get excited about home decor, what *can* you get excited about???

  7. Love this blue beaded necklace with the striped tank!


  8. i'm a stripe kind of girl too! Great statement necklace -love it!

    Love Shots