22 Jul 2011

We're currently homeless! Well, we're living with my mum and dad whilst our new home is sorted. SO EXCITED! I love my little home-to-be. It's been complete chaos for the past two weeks and my poor old newly-operated-on bones have taken a bit of a battering. But it's all worth it. Bye-bye old house, we had fun but now it's time for pastures new. 
I had a birthday somewhere in-between beginning to pack and moving and was spoilt with lots of lush gifts that I had every intention of telling you guys about. My i-phone was my favourite. I'm gonna love taking pics and making little movies with it, can't wait to share them with you!
pose-y one of me...
not pose-y one of me and Edie!
We've got a busy couple of days ahead with parties galore so I'll be clicking (tapping?) away merrily. Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!


  1. oh how cute is Edie?!

    i was reluctant to get an iphone but now that i have one i love it. the photo apps are definitely my favourite!

  2. The last pic is just wonderful...

    so cute and adorable,
    one to be treasured ♥