29 Jul 2011

 Touchy feely types like me are suckers for a bit of one-on-one hugging action. Hell, I'll hug anyone given half a chance. Sometimes I'll go to hug a doctor, or my boss in work, just remembering in time that it's not really appropriate. Like when you put kisses on the end of texts to your plumber and press send before realising that it might be a little weird. Anyway, back to hugging, us human beings thrive on physical contact and the act of reaching out and enveloping someone in our arms, holding onto them closely for just a few moments is a beautiful and basic urge. You open your arms out wide and it's like saying, 'come here, let's cling on to each other manically for 3 seconds', a little weird when you think about it but also really, really lovely. Where would we be without someone to hug? 

I read this interesting study by psychologist Dr Emese Nagy who says that life is broken down by us into 'three second units of life', so that's how we experience the 'now', as a 3 second chunk. A hug, she suggests, is a way of sharing that 3 second chunk with another human being. I think that's beautiful, that we want to share a chunk of reality, of perception with someone else. I hug Edie all the time, I hug Lola lots too, even my husband gets lucky with a sneaky one several times a day. HUGS make the world a better place, that's for sure. Yay for hugs! Hug someone now, NOW! Go do it!


  1. I'm with you, I love hugs...hugging my little peeps is the best, it never ceases to bring a smile to my face. Something about being able to wrap that entire little person in your arms is amazing (c: Happy Monday, girl!

  2. And when your little one starts to hug you back... oh how heavenly does that feel?!!!