2 Jul 2011

Wake up

 I'm not a jump-out-of-bed-and-hit-the-day-running kind of girl. I'm an ignore-what-time-it-is-for-as-long-as-possible-until-I-have-to-heave-myself-out-of-bed-and-stagger-to-the-bathroom-with-bird's-nest-hair kind of girl. Thus, the first part of my day is spent in a kind of bewildered fog of lingering sleepiness. Obviously there's an upside to this which means I'm a wild party animal who's up raising hell all night (lie) but I sometimes like to imagine there's a cure for my allergy to mornings, maybe a routine of sorts to kick start my body and my brain.

The 10 o'clock rule
 This one isn't actually a morning routine, it's an evening routine. Basically you stop what ever you're doing at 10pm and get your shit together and laid out in anticipation of you dragging your ass out of bed at stupid o' clock the next day. Now, it's just coming up to 10pm right now and I'm watching Black Swan (freaky) and writing this at the same time, the rule is to stop whatever you're doing and sort out your breakfast, your clothes, your bag etc for tomorrow. Now, that just aint gonna happen, I want to to watch the film plus it would majorly annoy my husband - it clearly needs some tweaking.

 Which is why I sorted out a whole week's worth of outfits today when I had a spare twenty minutes. Here's a snippet of tomorrow's get-up all good to go and hanging smuggly on my dressing room door.
I like knowing that I have my week's clothes sorted. Of course, if there's a snow-storm or I get a last minute invite to a cocktail party I'll be all at sixes and sevens, but still. I'll try and post each evening with a pic of the next day's outfit. THIS IS GONNA REVOLUTIONISE MY MORNINGS! No more hunting for clean underwear and rooting through the laundry bin for yesterday's jeans! Well, for a week anyway.


  1. Love this post! You are great with words (and writing)! Thanks for visiting my blog, I am now following you!! XO


  2. i love that you plan your outfits for the week, i think i nede to do something similar. It would at least meant some more sleep in time :)