31 Jan 2012

easy peasy envelopes

 A super-easy make that only requires some pretty or interesting paper, an envelope, a pair of scissors, a pencil and some glue.

 First carefully pull apart your envelope. It should come apart in one piece- and voila, you've got your template. 

 Lay it on top of the paper you selected and draw around it. 

 Cut out your envelope shape and fold and glue where appropriate- EASY! 

 I used an Elle magazine runway edit (spring/summer 2011- cos I'm retro like that) and then some bird wrapping paper that had been hanging around for ages. Both were the perfect thickness and texture for envelope making. I also chose a small 8.5 x 10cm envelope as a template - perfect for sending little folded notes. 

 I'm making little Valentines gifts at the moment and these envelopes would be perfect for sending them. 

 Easy, quick and pretty. And 100 times better than going out and buying them.


  1. Ooo, loving those! Hope you and Edie are feeling better x

  2. These are awesome - what a fab idea..!

    Thanks so much for sharing, I'll definitely be giving these a go!