30 Jan 2012

on the weekend

by my bedside
swatches for blinds
gloomy Sundays = pretty candle light
banana pancakes in the making
 A damp weekend spent mostly indoors - cooking, eating, curled up in front of the fire watching DVDs and snuffling into hankies.

 There was a threat of snow which came to nothing (booooo) which upset little Edie no end. She had her hat, gloves and sledge on stand-by 24-7, she was mightily disappointed. 

 We did get out to town to finally watch The Artist though, and we LOVED it. George Valentin, I'm totally in love with your eyebrows. If you haven't seen it yet and the thought of a silent movie doesn't make you go wtf then go see it quick! I defy you not to be blown away by George's eyebrows.  


  1. Mm banana pancakes sound just what feel like right now! Delicious x

  2. The Artist comes out on Thursday here and I can't wait to see it!

  3. SJ- don't miss it! It's beautiful. X

  4. I'm with Edie – I've been so disappointed with the lack of snow! (I even have an unused sledge waiting too!) Haven't seen The Artist yet... going to have to remedy that :)