10 Jan 2012

keep it simple

 Easier said than done for sure. Though these days I've realised that it's more about the state of things inside my head rather than of those outside it.

Shit, I've got all that Lego to play with, and colouring to do, and my nose needs picking...
 Look at Edie, kids can do it easy peasy. Kids and dogs, lucky things. I'm eating. I'm playingI'm running. I'm kickin' back on my settee watching a DVD. No bullshit running through their brains at a hundred miles an hour. 

 Albert Einstein said, 
'Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler'.

 But we've always got to make things more complicated than they are. I'm always doing this, making simple things as hard as possible, letting them stew and rolling them around in my head until they're a mass of bubbling complexity. 

 I said I was going to be brave this year. Now I want my mantra to be,  
Be brave, think less. 

Although I suppose that's kinda making things more complicated, damn...


  1. there are so many times where i wish i could just turn my brain off but alas, it's not possible!

  2. Awesome post. You so nailed it. Kids (toddlers especially) I love their little brains. On the one hand it's simple, but then I think there must be sooo much going on inside there that we never see or understand. But yes, be brave, friend and try to keep it simple.