11 Jan 2012

love, peace and music

 From my etsy shop. This one holds memories of summer, festivals and good, good times. It'll always be a favorite. We haven't gotten around to hanging ours in our new house yet but as soon as we do I'll post a pic. 


  1. Bellissimo!! :) And I adore your last post - I think I wrote something similar a while back, about my boyfriend's littlest sister. She's 5 years old, and her life is so simple - she wakes up, thinks "what do I want to do today?", and ends up doing things like setting me treasure hunts or having tea parties with her teddies. Just doing things that make her happy. You're right, we should all take a leaf out of little ones' books!! xxx

  2. This reminds me of music festivals as well and college. That's when friends had not problem dropping everything to pile into a car and go see a show. Such funny times that it feels like a lifetime ago, now! Thanks for bringing back some sweet memories.