15 Jun 2011

Brownies and body issues

No idea who's artwork this is, sorry.
I've been making chocolate brownies. I'm no master baker (that term always makes me snigger), in fact I'm a complete novice, but they are AWESOME. 
I got the recipe from Emily Martin's blog and it's good but equally importantly it's very, very easy. I had a toddler in the room 'helping' and it was still do-able. I ate about five (I know, I know, but they were on the small side) and then I felt... guilty. What is it with us girls and food? Then coincidentally I read Gala Darling's post on body image and blogging (specifically fashion blogging but I think it applies to anyone who puts themselves out there). It's true that most successful bloggers who post about their personal lives look a certain way. I suppose we like looking at attractive people but I do think that confidence has lots to do with it. Of course there are girls who are beautiful but not skinny and model-like who have a successful online presence but I reckon there are loads of girls who don't post pictures of themselves because they don't feel good enough. I had a blog previously to this one, before I had my little girl. I posted pictures of myself happily then, now I feel differently. I'm not entirely sure why but it's probably something to do with the fact that I'm not a (UK) size 8-10 anymore. I've had a problem with my back which has meant I can't exercise till I've had some surgery and that certainly hasn't helped with the way I feel about my butt right now. But girls, it's all about confidence and self esteem, that's the trick, that's where the magic is. Those girls look great not just because they're pretty but because they know how to rock it. I know I love the blogs of real girls who are just like me, real girls who do amazing things, wear kick-ass outfits, paint gorgeous pictures, have the sweetest families and generally live their lives like the superstars that they are. But saying it is one and thing and doing it another, finding a way to feel great about how we look and who we are, well that's the holy grail. Any ideas? (And oh my god, those brownies are so good.) 


  1. I agree, photos where the girls are super confident and look like they are having a ridiculous amount of fun are ones that I admire. Good post, hey :)

  2. I find that the more passionate I am about my passions the more I love the way I am. No, WHO I am and how I feel about my body...well said, Anna. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to geek out on your blog for a bit... :)

  3. Good post to read in my pregnancy insomnia hours - thanks :)

    I think even the 'beautiful' girls you talk about have self esteem issues, surely every female does?

    It's true - you just need to find what is 'uniquely you' and present it to the world with confidence! And if the cute outfits you wear make you feel amazing, then wear them loud and proud :)

    And....YUM Brownies - could do with one, or four right now! (mouth watering!)

    Alexa - stitchy-mama.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks ladies! And you're right, Mama Bear, I'm sure every human being has self esteem issues. Unless they're psychotic. (Also, I remember the last few weeks of pregnancy, I was HUGE! Now that'd be a photo to post. Hope you get some sleep :))

  5. Mmm, the brownies sound amazing! And I agree with you. It's not necessarily that the girls are attractive in the most traditional sense of the word, more that their confidence, happiness and individuality is what makes them attractive and leads to lots of followers.