10 Jun 2011

It's been one of those days. The ones that really kick your ass. Problems, we all got 'em, but sometimes it's like they all get together to plan a ambush. Strength in numbers and all that. But silver linings, looking on the bright side and gratitude lists ahoy, let's focus on the good stuff. Even when the good stuff is tiny, teeny, minuscule, in fact, especially when the good stuff is tiny, teeny minuscule. So... small things that are good things (needs a catchier name I think, mmm...)
Clean bedsheets
Nothings beats the feeling of sinking into fresh, crisp and clean bedsheets. Sometimes it feels like such an effort to change the bedding but it's always worth it. Little luxuries like lush clean sheets always make life lovelier but especially so when your day has sucked. More to come later, I think. I'd like to make a list of small things that are good things, looking out for them must be an exercise in positivity itself.
PS The portrait at the top is one of my favorites. She makes me smile, I got a real soft soft for Petula. She's an acrylic on canvas rather than a watercolour which most of my posted portraits have been. Have a lovely weekend.


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