1 Aug 2011

Time to dust off my purse, shopping is back on the agenda

 I've got a wedding and a Christening coming up and yesterday I hit the high street in search of something to wear. I used to love wandering around the shops, trying things on and putting outfits together but since I squeezed out our little lady, no, actually since as early as about 6 weeks pregnant, the joy of clothes shopping has seriously diminished. Shopping with a two year is hard- money is tighter than it was before and also, I'm physically different to what I was pre-baby. Even after 2 whole years plus 3 months my new body throws me. 

 In my head I'm still the Anna who could wear a strapless, sequined white floaty number, in reality I have strawberry juice on everything I own, my boobs need significant strappage in order to keep them tethered and for some reason 'comfy' has moved from number 5 on my requirement list to number-1-first-place. 

 But I still want to look hot, of course I do! Doesn't everyone? 

 So the search was on for the elusive outfit that would tick all the boxes and make me fall in love with the changing rooms all over again. I had my concerns that the trip would be frustratingly fruitless but I, get this, found something I loved in the first shop I looked in! 

 Now the picture above does not do it justice. It looks so much better on and it's really flattering (my plan is to really dress it up with huge gold jewelery and big hair and as it's a pretty casual wedding I think I can get away with it easily). I thought in the shop that the mirrors and lighting had been doctored to give a more pleasing (read false) impression and that when I got home my heart would sink as I caught sight of myself in the all too harsh reflection of the bathroom mirror but happily I looked almost as good! And it's comfy so that's the main thing. Sorted.

Now the downside of this little shopping success is that I'm raring to go spend again. And after browsing through the what's-coming-soon at Topshop.com I'm planning my next trip into town with lots of kick-ass outfits in mind. Check these out-
I always love A/W clothes more than S/S and these outfits make me drool. I've got my shopping mojo back! Hooray!


  1. yay! glad you found something. i imagine it can take a little while to get used to your new body post birth.

    you can definitely make your outfit more dressy if you want, and it will be perfect for casual weekends as well!

  2. Love the outfit! You can totally dress it up with big hair and big bracelets etc! The colour is gorgeous!

  3. Hooray for finding your shopping mojo again!!

  4. So glad you found a dress that works for you! That blue is a lovely shade.

  5. Shopping is so much fun that its so easy to get back on it... its my fave pastime.

    Nice outfit you've got ♥