22 Aug 2011

I got me a house to do up and a credit card burning a hole in my pocket

 Fighting the temptation to buy bits and bobs for a new house we still haven't moved into is hard. We've got plasterers and plumbers to pay before we can spend pennies on 'nice things'. And I have been good, mostly, but yesterday I found myself tapping my card details into the Urban Outfitters' payment page because, to hell with it, they were offering me a whole 12% off. Wow. But to be honest, I'd had my eye on these decorative items for months and the 12% just tipped me over the edge. I mean, £13.56 is £13.56, right? 
Deep down I'm a little worried that this rug will bugger up my eyes
Thanks to this map Edie will not be a clueless idiot like her mum when it comes to where places are. Who knew Denmark was there?

I spend a fortune on frames. But it's worth it for gems like this butterfly print!
 Now I just need some floors and walls to adorn. Tradesmen get your asses in gear or I'll have spent all your money on pretty things.


  1. Great buys! I love the map especially :) Me and Joel waited until we were all settled in to buy things like this, and the house felt so empty and bare for ages. It's better to have these little personal touches from the beginning :)

  2. Wow, I know that feeling, buy only small stuff first, Ive had people buy furniture while their homes are still being built, and then not being able to fit; it into the spaces. Enjoy, decorating a new home is so much fun.


  3. Oooooo...ok, I'm tempted to buy the map. But I'm a little disgusted at HOW overpriced Urban Outfitters is. It just ain't right!

  4. TMCOH- I know what you mean, like when you finally get round to hanging pictures and it makes sooo much difference you're annoyed you didn't do it sooner!

    Pintojak- we did that with our last house and had to leave our new couch in the shed for a week cos we couldn't get it through the front door.

    Ashley- I live in the UK, that's normal over here! Infact, I think those things are quite reasonable, am I mad?!

  5. I know what you mean! I love the map. I think every home should have a nice map in it!